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Why do you need Pardon and Waivers?

Once an individual is found to be a ‘criminal’ in the eye of the law, he or she has to face a number of problems in their daily life. Even after completing the conviction period, the criminal records stay in all official departments. These criminal records cause problems even in affecting the fundamental rights of the citizen. The way to avoid such problems is to get rid of those criminal records. Fortunately there are special procedures called Pardon and Waivers which give a convicted criminal a second chance to live a normal life in society.

What is Pardon?

Pardon is the legal procedure you can use to get rid of all your criminal records in Canada so that you can get back to your normal life and enjoy your basic rights with dignity. It is the foremost thing you must do after your conviction period is over.

What is Waiver?

Waiver is the second crucial part of the whole procedure which allows you an entry into United States. If you ever need to settle in the United States, you will need the Waiver in order to prove that you don’t have any criminal record. An individual is denied entry into the United States without any valid Waiver. Therefore, you will need a waiver to get entry into the United States.

We, The FingerPrinter will provide you the US waiver which will be valid for 1-5 years. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals will assist you in deleting all the criminal records in your name in the United States and Canada so that you can start a new life or start a new business in US without any legal hassles.

To get more detailed information, contact us through our website home page by simply filling out the enquiry form or you can email us at Info@TheFingerPrinter.com with your address and contact information, including your email address. You can also contact us by dialling 416-782-5926.

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