Most Important Legal Documents

Whether you are seeking employment, education or visa for traveling to other places, you require some important legal documents especially police clearance certificates and affidavits. The applicant has to undergo many legal paper works which requires his/her statement and swearing in a legal format. All these things can be very time consuming and money intensive.

The Finger Printer is the best legal service providers which offer services like police clearance certificates and affidavit services in Canada in a hassle free manner and at an affordable price.

What is police clearance certificate?

It is a legal document provided by the police authority which states the criminal status of the applicant means if he/she has been involved in any kind of criminal activity and if he/she has been involved then what is the current status. This certificate is important for many purposes like passport, visa, emigration or immigration and employment.

Our skilled and experienced professionals at the Finger printer will handle all the legal issues on your behalf so that you can get the police clearance certificate in a short time. We have a vast network and our legal team has deep knowledge and experience in getting the job done effortlessly and with high accuracy.

What is an affidavit?

This is also an important legal document which contains the statement and swearing of the person in a legally prescribed format and used for different purposes like buying or selling a property, for getting married, to swear your citizenship etc. To obtain an affidavit, your identity proof is required to know that you are exactly the same person who is giving and signing the statement. You also need witnesses in some cases like marriage and every document has to be produced in front of the notary to be signed and stamped. All these procedures are time consuming and sometimes confusing.

At Finger Printer, we offers you notary services to prepare simple affidavits which generally doesn’t require any legal advice, swear the affidavit in front of the notary public or commissioner of oath to make it legally valid and refer other documents in the affidavit which requires legal guidance to understand the need and importance of the reference document or exhibits.

Other services

Besides these services, we also provide our expert advice and services to get pardon and waivers, criminal background checks for organizations, fingerprinting services, will preparation and power of attorney services. To get more details on other services, log on to our website or fill our query form provided on our website or email us at and we will get back to you to give you detailed information on our every services.

Summary: legal proceedings and documents are complex and quite confusing which can be easily understood with the help of professionals. The Finger Printer is best legal service providers which gives you all the legal information required to get your job done. They advice you and provide their services to deliver your legal documents in short time and at an affordable price. So hire us today and make your life easy!!

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