How To Get Police Clearance Certificate?

Hate the sin, not the sinner!! These were the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi but when a person is labeled as a criminal then his life becomes very difficult especially in the present hi-tech world where anybody can peek into your life history without asking for your permission. If you have ever committed an offense (small or big) then you can face difficulties in getting employment, emigration and visa. The only way to tackle such problems is to get a police clearance certificate.

What is a police clearance certificate?

Police clearance certificate is a statement from the police authority which certify the criminal status of a person as guilty or innocent of crime. It also states if the person has a history of offenses or not, this information is commonly required for various purposes such as:

  • For issuing a passport
  • For emigration and Immigration
  • To obtain visa
  • For employment

Procedures for obtaining police clearance certificate

  • The applicant must provide all the important personal information such as applicant’s full name, surname, date and place of birth and unique identity number provided by the country (if available) along with the full set of his fingerprints.
  • Fingerprints are taken at the nearest police station like The Fingerprinter with experienced and skilled professionals who can help you throughout the process.
  • The applicant has to personally visit police station or approved private firms along with his/her identity documents as proof of identity. The fingerprints must be taken on the official fingerprint forms and other details should be filled by the authorized person. The form must be signed by the authorized person who has taken the applicant’s fingerprints. At the end of the process, the application contains full set of applicant’s fingerprints and a copy of applicant’s identity documents.
  • The completed application form is forwarded by the police or private provider to the criminal record center. However, in some countries the applicant also delivers the completed application to the center personally or through mail or courier.
  • If the applicant has provided his contact number in the form, then he would receive a message when the application is successfully processed, along with a reference number to check status of your application.
  • The applicant needs to pay a fixed amount for this service which can vary depending on the charges applied by different countries. One can pay through bank cheques, drafts or electronic payment medium such as credit card, debit card or internet banking. You will get an offline or online receipt for your transaction.
  • Sometimes, police officers visit the applicant residence to verify the address and his location (like confirm since when he started residing at that place, confirm the identity from neighbors etc.). The officer will notify the applicant beforehand the visit so that he can arrange all the required documents for the verification.
  • There is a time period provided by the authority to analyze and prepare the clearance certificate which can vary depending on the country’s regulations. After the application has been successfully reviewed, the clearance certificate will be couriered or mailed to the applicant by the authority.

Once you get the police clearance certificate, you can provide its copies to embassy for passport, visa and employment abroad.

Police Clearance Or Certificates is an important document which is required at the time of visa application and for employment in other country. You can apply yourself by utilizing the above information or take help of professionals like to get the certificate.

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Victor Opara, Victor Nnamdi Opara