How to avail yourself of affidavit services in Canada

Sometimes, a person has to provide legal document of his statement in the court and swear that the statements made by him are true. Such legal document which contain the statements and swearing of the person in a legally prescribed format is known as affidavit and the person making the affidavit is known as affiant or deponent.

If you have been asked to provide an affidavit for your deed or statement and you have no idea what it mean and how it can affect you, then the information below will help you in getting familiar with the concept.

Why should someone need an affidavit?

As it is mentioned above, affidavit is a legal document. Therefore it is often used in legal proceedings, but it can also be used in other situations as well like selling or buying a property, registering a marriage, stating the fact that you have never been married before.

What documents do you need while signing an affidavit?

Commonly your identity documents are required while preparing or signing the affidavit to know that you are exactly the same person who is giving and signing the statement. In some cases such as court marriages, one needs to bring witnesses carrying their own identity documents to prove their role. You must provide the requested documents in front of the notary public (or authorized person) to get your affidavit signed and stamped.

How can a notary public help you?

Affidavit services Canada of notary public firms like can help you in different ways:

By preparing simple affidavits;

Help you in administering the oath on the affidavit;

Exhibiting other document(s) in the affidavit.

Preparing Simple affidavits – notary services like can help you in preparing simple affidavits which generally don’t require any legal advice. You will be provided drafting assistance only by the company. For example, the notary public firm will assist you in preparing an affidavit stating that you want to get married but it won’t help you in drawing an affidavit to file any claim in the court because for that you have to consult the attorney first.

Swearing the affidavit – An affidavit need to be sworn in front of the notary public or commissioner of oath to make it valid legally. Notary services like have the authority to witness the affidavit for you so when you avail yourself of the assistance of such notary firms then swearing comes as part of the package. You have to sign the affidavit in front of the notary who will ask you about the authenticity of the statement to confirm if it is true or not. The authorized person will then sign and stamp the affidavit to give you a valid affidavit.

Referring to exhibit in the affidavit – Sometimes you have to refer to other documents in the affidavit which is known as exhibit. Some affidavit does not require an exhibit, some require few and some have many exhibits in them. Notary services such as help you in guiding you about the need and importance of exhibit in your affidavit. If you are a non Canadian swearing the affidavit, then The Fingerprinters will also inform you of the relevant exhibit for the affidavit.

Summary: Affidavit is an important document and affidavit service providers e.g. can really help you in understanding its importance and guide you in fulfiling its requirements during its preparation.

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