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Criminal Background Checks

There are many places and several types of works for which every individual is checked for a criminal record first and then allowed for other things. Apart from individuals, there are various organizations as well that first check about any kind of criminal record so that they can be clear about the criminal history of a person.

But when it is about checking the criminal background, we here at The Finger Printer offer you best and advanced criminal background check services so that individuals and organizations can be sure about the criminal history of an individual.

In Canada, there are several organizations which offer such services, but here at The Finger Printer, we offer specialized criminal background check services to all our clients across Canada. We have a team of expert and adept professionals who have expertise in this field of work.
In fact, the service offered gives a full proof and accurate result about an individual and also makes it clear whether the person has a criminal record or not. We use technologically advanced equipment and machines to provide accurate and reliable results.

If you wish to get the criminal record check of any other individual, you can come to us provided that you receive appropriate consent from the person. We will help you in getting accurate result within less time. Anyone either a Canadian or a foreigner can contact us online via email at and even call us at 416-782-5926 for more details.

Set up an appointment and to get and know more about our Criminal Background Checks services, by simply filling out the inquiry form from our website’s home page or email us at with your address and contact information, including email address. We will get back to you with further details of what to send to us.

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