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Notary Public Services Canada

A notary public is an officer selected at the state level to serve as an impartial witness to the signing of important records. Elegant and important to the state, he also performs a number of other services such as administering of oaths, commissioner of oaths, notarizations and certification of do...Read More

How To Find A Notary Public Service In Canada

There are plenty of circumstances in which an individual would require the assistance of a notary public service. If one wishes to sell a car/vehicle, the certificate of title has to be authenticated. An individual receiving a mortgage, loan or refinancing will need a notary even as executing those ...Read More

Power of Attorney Canada

A Power of Attorney is a legal document to be signed by a person who needs to authorize any individual to act as his (grantor's) agent, with respect to dealing and dealing with the selections based on his budget, investments and other monetary settlement. It allows the granter to delegate his rights...Read More

Get a second chance with Federal waiver pardon services

The label of ‘criminal’ leaves a major impact on the life of the convict after his punishment period get over because it can create difficulties in finding a job or getting education. Fe...Read More

Most Important Legal Documents

Whether you are seeking employment, education or visa for traveling to other places, you require some important legal documents especially police clearance certificates and affidavits. The applicant has to undergo many legal paper works which requires his/her statement and swearing in a legal format...Read More

Making Life Easier With Best Legal Services

There are times like applying for visa, job in abroad, marriage registration etc. when a person has to present legal documents like affidavits to prove the facts in writing. At the Finger printer Read More

How To Transfer Your Legal Rights

Sometimes due to medical conditions or other reasons, you have to transfer your legal rights to another person in form of power of attorney or wills so that he/she can deal with the issues regarding your property and business affairs within your lifetime or after your death. But the question arises ...Read More

How To Get Police Clearance Certificate?

Hate the sin, not the sinner!! These were the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi but when a person is labeled as a criminal then his life becomes very difficult especially in the present hi-tech world where anybody can peek into your life history without asking for your permission. If you have ever commit...Read More

How to avail yourself of affidavit services in Canada

Sometimes, a person has to provide legal document of his statement in the court and swear that the statements made by him are true. Such legal document which contain the statements and swearing of the person in a legally prescribed format is known as affidavit and the person making the affidavit is ...Read More

Understanding Power of Attorney Service in detail

Sometimes you need to hand over your legal rights to another person to manage your money and property and handle our legal works on your behalf in case you lose your mental capacity, meet an accident or had a stroke which limits your involvement in the handling of your business. As these cases in...Read More

What are Criminal Background Checks Services?

The criminal rate in the country has increased in recent years. Therefore most organizations depend on criminal background checks on the individuals in their workplace for safety purposes. There are many companies who provide such criminal background check services e.g. Read More

Know more about Canadian Legal Wills Service

There comes a time in life when we need to make a will, be it for your kids or any other reason. However, preparing a will isn’t such an easy task. Since, it is a legal document, it requires a full-fledged knowledge about all the things that may affect the will. While preparing such legal document...Read More

Why do you need Pardon and Waivers?

Once an individual is found to be a ‘criminal’ in the eye of the law, he or she has to face a number of problems in their daily life. Even after completing the conviction period, the criminal records stay in all official departments. These criminal records cause problems even in affecting the fu...Read More

A Power of Attorney and Notary Public Services Canada

  A power of attorney is a professional legal document that is voluntarily entered into by using two parties and then is duly licensed by way a notary public. The individual who wrote up the agreement is called the primary. The person who is 'executing' the agreement is referred to as the Ag...Read More

Find a best notary public service in Canada at excellent prices

A notary public is a public service role who can serve as an official witness to the execution of contracts, agreements, and an almost limitless array of legal documents. It is selected by the state government officials. A Notary also has the authority to make legal documents and declarations that a...Read More

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